Personal project in Unreal Engine 4 (heavily inspired by CD Projekt’s CyberPunk2077's trailer) made to further my understanding of modular architecture, decals and faceweight normals modelling. A personal challenge in trying to use as many material instances and tiling textures as possible.

Techniques used: FWN modelling, deferred decals, spline generation blueprint used for all the wires and most of the pipes, vertex painting for material blending along more commonly used workflows.

Triss Merigold’s art has been used with the talented author, Hiroyuki Tanjo’s permission ( Please check him out!

Modules used to build the level in UE4. Everything has been made by combining those pieces.

Master used for all the instance materials in the level (besides decal and world alligned mats), with material blending through vertex painting, control over roughness and metallic values allowing me to reuse several textures for different looks